My winter skincare routine


In the winter time I have dry combination skin. Norway is pretty cold in the winter, currently the temperature is around -10°C or 14°F. I have been sticking to the same skincare routine for four months now, and I´m really happy about how my skin react to these products. NOW, Alba Botanica, 100% pure, and Life Flo are vegan and cruelty free. Oskia, Kiehl´s and Rituals are not cruelty free, but some of their products are vegan.

My morning and evening skincare routine is pretty much the same. I gently massage two pumps of the Oskia renaissance cleansing gel in to my facial skin. Then I wet my hands, and keep massaging until the light pink gel has turned into a white milk. After that, I rinse it of with a damp cotton pad. The cotton pad has a mild exfoliating effect, which helps the skin to get rid of dead cells, and reveals healthy new skin.

I use a clean towel to pat my face dry. Then I apply a few drops of the 100% pure brightening tonique to another cotton pad, and apply it all over my face (not eyes), to get rid of the last traces of makeup and dirt. After that, I put four drops of the rose hip seed oil onto my fingertips, and pat the oil evenly all over my face. I´m super happy about the quality of the Life flo brand, but I´m sure there are many other good options out there.

The eye cream that I currently use is the Kiehl´s Eye brightening concentrate. I  know that many people swear by this product, and it is pretty good. The ingredients, however, are not good. This eye cream contains propylene glycol, which can cause allergies. It also contains cyclopentasiloxane, which is not good for the environment. Actually – it contains a lot of nasty shit that is not good for anyone. Why on earth am I using this product, you may ask? – It´s because I got it as a gift, and I have a “use it up before you buy a new one” rule. After writing this blog post I realize that I maybe should make an exception to the rule. If you are looking for a good vegan and cruelty free eye cream, I highly recommend the 100 % pure organic coffee bean caffeine eye cream.

I currently use the Alba Botanica Kukui nut oil to moisturize my body. It smells great, like caramelly nuts. If my skin is particularly dry, I use castor oil. It works well on both body and face – and it does not clog pores. I even mix a few drops of castor oil into my hair conditioner, if my hair feels dry. I´ve also heard that if applied to eyelashes, castor oil can make the lashes grow longer. That I´ve not yet tried.

The Holy Basil candle from Rituals smells nice, fresh and citrusy, and I keep it in our bathroom. The candle is vegan, and Rituals don´t test on animals.

Please tell me about vegan and cruelty free skincare products that you like to use in the comments!



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