Sourced Box

I´ve been sick a lot the last six months. I don´t really like talking about it, but I thought I should mention it. Since the 20th of June 2015, I have had tonsillitis 13 times. It has affected my life A LOT, actually, although I haven’t really been talking much too people about it. It has affected my eating habits, exercising habits, sleeping habits, social habits, work… etcetera. So, anyway, today I called in sick to work. I was feeling kind of sad, but at least I knew there would be one highlight to this day. Can you guess what that was? The season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, of course. Did any one of you guys see it?

Before I saw the PLL episode, I went out to get the mail, and in the mail box was my first Sourced Box. That was such great timing! What´s better than a box filled with delicious, healthy snacks to eat whilst watching PLL? I almost forgot that I was sick.

I just ate the apple and mango fruit jerky´s, and I drank the Honey Bee Beautiful te. And. It. Was. Really. Good. And so was the PLL episode. I was disappointed by the last episode, which was the big A-reveal, because I had hoped for more dark and complicated answers. – But this new episode showed us that there is more to the plot. What did you think about the episode?

The sourced box, was another (unexpected) highlight of the day. Stay tuned for a review of this months Sourced Box later – when I have tried all of the goodies inside.



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